Live Ceylon
  • Ceylon, now Sri Lanka “shining island” is like a pearl in the ear of Asia… An enchanted island as Marco Polo described it: “The most beautiful island in the world”
  • Ceylon is a thousand-year-old culture and the splendour of its sites, eight of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Ceylon is a paradise where intense colours, spicy scents, sublime fragrances, subtle sensations that create eternal emotions are concentrated.
  • Ceylon is water, land and nature that unite to offer you a unique nectar of multiple landscapes.
  • Ceylon is the harmony of the cycle of seasons that makes tea and rice grow to the rhythm of time regained.
  • Ceylon is the perennial fauna, elephants and sea turtles at the heart of life.
  • Ceylon is the tradition of authentic wellness arts, Ayurvedic, medicinal plants and essential oils that reveal your senses.
  • Ceylon is a smile. People’s smiles. A true smile that caresses you with its warmth and kindness.
  • Ceylon infuses in you from the first to the last sip and far beyond….
  • Let yourself be transported, Ceylon offers itself to you to help you discover your true nature!


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