General Selling Conditions of Aloka Sanna (Pvt) Ltb

Any registration to one of Aloka Sanna (Private) Limited’s travels imply unconditional acceptance to the terms of sale

1 – Travel informations

1.1 – Administrative and sanitary formalities

Before you go ahead with your trip, we invite you to ensure that you are administratively in order with police, customs and health formalities (a valid passport, required possession of visa, vaccination certification). It is heavily recommended that you verify all communications with concerned authorities. Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd cannot, in any case, be held responsible for consequences of non-respect of police, customs or sanitary regulations, before and during your trip.

1.2 – Informations on security and sanitary risks

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd advises you to consult the Sri Lankan country form of the French ministry of foreign affairs (MAE) on one website, in the “Conseils aux voyageurs” section.

Attention, these informations can evolve until the date of your departure, it is advised to consult them regularly. We also invite you to regularly consult informations published by authorities competent on sanitary risks involved by your travel and to follow recommendations and sanitary measures in order to fight these sanitary risks, which you can find here (French ministry of Health and Sports), (World Health Organization)

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd also communicates informations on border customs and sanitary procedures in travel offers for French nationals.

Travellers of other nationalities must inform themselves on the administrative (visas) and sanitary (vaccines) procedures before registering and carrying out the trip, which are notably required by embassies and competent consulates. A French traveller who cannot embark on a flight because of a lack of police, customs and/or sanitary documents, cannot demand a reimbursement of the sum of the travel. Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd cannot, in any case, be held responsible of the consequences of the non-observation by the traveller of the police, customs or sanitary rules before or during the travel (i.e. expired or incorrect visa, loss of identification and/or flight tickets…)

1.3 Procedures concerning visas

In Sri Lanka, travellers wishing to spend a stay of less than 90 days in the country are not authorized entry on the Sri Lankan territory since the 1st of January 2012, unless they have obtained authorization (Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA). It can be completed on the Internet ( or in the Sri Lankan embassy competent for the place of residence of the visitor if the planned stay in Sri Lanka is less than 30 days.

It is possible to make a demand at the arrival in the international airport of Colombo in Sri Lanka.

The ETA authorization demand is obligatory and a paid service (35USD per person – children free of charge for French passport holders). The holders of the ETA must complete the following conditions at entry port :

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months after the return date
  • A confirmed return ticket
  • Sufficient funds to cover expenses during the stay

The validity of the ETA is initially limited to 30 days starting from the arrival date and can be extended up to 6 months by submitting a request to the immigration service in Colombo (

2 – Processing the request and registering

2.1 – Processing the request

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltdis a specialized travel agency based in Sri Lanka. We offer to realize your trip (except international flights’ costs) according to your desires and put thematics and examples of itineraries of stays on our site at your disposal in order to inspire you and give you ideas on budget.

To obtain your personalized program of the desired trip, you will have to submit your cost estimate request via our dedicated form which is directly accessible from our website. Generally under 48 hours, our team will offer you (with a validity period) a detailed travel program with a firm and definitive price, all expenses, taxes and services included, except eventual projected adjustments in point 5 – Modalities of price revision, following below. If the duration of the cost estimate’s validity is exceeded, Aloka Sanna will be able to establish a new one at your request. However we indicate you that depending on the availability of the desired services, the prices may not stay the same.

2.2 – Registration documents

All sales and offers of travel or stay services allows for communication of appropriate information which answer the following defined rules :

1- The travel description

2- The included services and other eventually available services resulting in a cost supplement

3- The administrative and sanitary formalities to complete by nationals or citizens of another state member of the European Union

4- The amount or percentage to deposit as a down payment to the conclusion of the contract as well as the calendar of the accounting payment

5- Modalities of price revision planned by the contract

6- Cancelling conditions

7- Information concerning the optional registration of an insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellations or particular risks, notably repatriation costs in case of illness or injury

8- General sales conditions

2.3- Minors

Registration demands concerning minors must be signed by the father, mother or legal guardian and bear the mention “agreement of the father,n mother or guardian”. Minors who do not travel with their parent(s) or guardian(s) must be in possession of a valid territory exit permission in addition to the identification documents demanded for the travel. Finally, an address and telephone number allowing direct contact to the minor or the responsible must be mentioned. For minors who travel with one of their parents, guardians or other adults, ensure that you are in possession of the necessary documents for the accompanying minor (national identification card or passport and, depending on the case, permission to exit the territory) to allow him to leave the territory.

3 – Payment modalities

So that your inscription be validated, a down payment of 30% of the total cost of the trip will have to be deposited at that moment.

At less than 30 days from the departure date, the entirety of the amount of the services reserved for your trip in Sri Lanka will be due in order to confirm your inscription.

The transaction of your trip in Sri Lanka is done online on our website via a secure payment system which is safe and can be trusted. The online payment is handled by the protected PayPal system to confirm your registration.

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd will hand you the sales receipt concerning this in the shortest delivery time possible. It will be accessible on your dedicated Account page on the website.

4 – Modalities of price revision

4.1- Cost estimate

All cost estimates offered by Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd have a validity of 14 days. All cost estimates that stay non-confirmed in those 14 days can be readjusted and all housing offers modified depending on availabilities. The client is asked to quickly confirm his cost estimate in order to allow Aloka Sanna pvt Ltd to ensure the stability of the price indicated on the cost estimate and the housing availabilities offered by our service providers.

4.2- Price revisions

At the signature of the registration bulletin, the fixed price is firm and definitive, in euros. We may be in the obligation to modify our prices and programs in order to, for example, account for :

  • The variations of transport fees, notably linked to fuel prices.
  • The price variations of Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd’s service providers.
  • A variation of American dollar (USD) or euro (€) and Sri Lankan rupee (LKR) values occurring until the integral settlement of the trip.
  • A variation of taxes.
  • Inflation.

In case of price modifications for the listed cases, Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd will inform you by e-mail 30 days minimum before the date of your departure (in the case of a registration anterior to the modification). In the case of a registration at less than 30 days of the departure date, this modification will be applied at the inscription.

If one or multiple travellers registered on the same document cancel it, the trip can be maintained provided that the participants settle the costs linked to eventual overpricing caused by modifications because of the cancelling by the traveller(s) before departure.

All refusals of the traveller(s) that stay registered to settle these costs will be considered as cancellation by the concerned traveller(s).

The customer can cede his contract to a transferee who fulfils the same conditions as him to perform the trip or the stay, as long as this contract hasn’t produced any effect. Unless more favourable stipulation to the ceding party, it will inform Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd of its decision by all means allowing the obtention of a receipt confirmation maximally seven days before the start of the travel.

The customer still stays severally liable towards the buyer of the sum still having to be paid off as well as all eventual supplementary costs caused by this cession.

To avoid all nuisances, the customer must inform himself of the prices to which he exposes himself before the cession of the contract.

5 – Modification and cancellation

5.1- Travel modification

Between the moment where your registration is confirmed and your departure, modifications of the program (dates, schedules, itineraries, frameworks, housing, etc) can occur, because of organizational difficulties or security reasons. In such cases, Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd, would immediately inform you by e-mail. If these modifications would concern an essential element, you would then dispose of the ability to terminate your contract or accept the proposed changes.

In case replacement offers could be suggested, Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd would handle the eventual cost supplements. If replacement services fail, Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd will reimburse the price difference between planned services and effectively executed services, except in case of Force majeure.

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd can be forced to modify an itinerary and/or a service in case of Force majeure such as unfavourable weather conditions or political tensions. We’ll do our best to minimize the consequences of these changes so that the stay takes place as well as possible.

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd cannot be held responsible in case of cancellations and/or modifications caused by aforementioned reasons. However, Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd will reimburse the price difference between planned services and effectively executed services.

5.2- Cancellation

In case you are obligated to cancel your trip, you must inform Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd and the insurance company by any written means allowing acknowledgement of receipt as soon as possible starting from the cause generating the cancellation. The issue date of the written will be retained as cancellation date for the billing of cancelling costs. Generally, the insurance company appreciates, depending on the documents that you’ll directly communicate to it, the date of the cause generating your decision to cancel your trip to accept the reimbursement of the cancelling fees.

The cancelling fees are at the customer’s expense. Their value varies depending on the when this cancellation occurs. The applied conditions are as follows (the percentages are applied to the price of the trip) :

  • At more than 60 days from departure : 5%
  • Between 60 and 31 days from departure : 15%
  • Between 30 and 21 days from departure : 35%
  • Between 20 and 14 days from the trip : 50%
  • Between 13 and 7 days from the trip : 75%
  • At less than 7 days of departure and after the date of departure : 100%

Note that our optional travel insurance covers those possible cancellation fees

The customer must warn his cancellation insurance on time in order to verify if he’s eligible to the coverage of cancelling fees. The cancelling insurance fee is never reimbursable.

Any interrupted or shortened trip, for any reason whatsoever, does not allow tor reimbursement from Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd.

Any modification of an element of the trip occurring after the signature of the registration bulletin will bring about the payment  of the document costs. These fees are not reimbursable by the subscribed cancelling insurance. All modifications of the services will bring about a re-evaluation of executed services.

6 – International flights

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd does not ensure the sale of your international flight with destination of Sri Lanka. You are solely responsible of your conveyance onto the travels area.

You’ll find the best prices directly on the internet. Emirates, Qatar Airways and Jet Airways are good companies with flights in the emirates and in and in India. Saudia Airlines or Oman Air offers cheap prices but with corresponding quality.

Online flight reservations : You can acces, via the internet website hosting Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd ( to links of central reservation and price comparators (which can also reserve flights for you) websites. Aloka Sanna is not responsible of those sites in any way. Any question, request or complaint must be directly addressed to the concerned sites.

We advise you to consult the European list of forbidden aerial companies on the following website : before reserving your tickets to begin your travels.

For more flexibility, we advise you to buy modifiable and/or reimbursable services and plan transfer times between reasonable airports and stations.

In case you would not be able to provide the exact days/hours of international flights during the definitive validation of the travel itinerary provided by Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd, any eventual change generated by shifted flight schedules is at the customer’s expense.

Additional costs linked to eventual delays or cancellation of flights stay at the customer’s expense.

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd cannot be held responsible in case of delays in the transport or loss of luggage, boarding refusals (surbooking) and/or flight cancelling by the company.

We reccommend, in order to allow you to assert your rights towards the flight company, to a conserve all original documents (tickets, boarding cards, luggage notes or others) and solicit any written proof from the flight company in case of a boarding denial (surbooking) or flight cancellation. You’ll send your reclamation, with a copy of the justification (conserve the originals) to the aerial company as soon as possible, considering the imposed short schedule.

7 – Responsabilities

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd cannot be held responsible for consequences of external events independent of its will, particularly :

  • Flight tickets being lost or stolen (flight companies do not deliver copies)
  • Any stolen, lost or damaged personal possession, during the circuit or in the hotels.
  • Inability to present valid identification and/or sanitary documents (national identification card, passport, visa, vaccine certificates, etc). The documents shall not be incorrect, expired, or of insufficient duration of validity. In case of registration fault, 100% of the total sum of services’ cost is retained.
  • Unforeseeable and insurmountable incidents or events or a third party such as : wars, political troubles, strikes, riots, technical or administrative incidents, traffic congestion, failure of a service provider, bad weather, natural disasters, delays (including delays in mail expedition services for the delivery of flight tickets, passports, etc), engine failures, loss or theft of luggage or other personal items of the travellers. The suffered delay or delays or the cancelling concerned by aforementioned cases as well as itinerary/program modifications which could be caused by them cannot bring about the reimbursement or indemnification by Aloka Sanna Private Ltd in any way, notably due to the initially unplanned modification of the duration of the trip, or delays in airplane stops. Possible additional fees linked to a perturbation (taxes, hotel, parking, repurchase of a transport title, etc) stay at the traveller’s expense.
  • Cancellation imposed by circumstances presenting the characteristics of Force majeure and/or for reasons linked to the continuation of the passenger’s security and/or injunction of an administrative authority. Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd reserves the right to modify the planned dates, schedules or itineraries if it believes that the security of the travellers cannot be ensured, and this without them being able to claim any indemnification whatsoever.

In case the initial itinerary cannot be respected for aforementioned reasons,  Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd will propose an alternative itinerary to the client. In case the cost of the trip proves to be superior to the cost of the initial itinerary, the customer can be brought to pay off a supplement.

8 – Assistance

8.1- Assistance

For the correct execution of your trip, you will benefit from the assistance of our travel-expert every day of every week of your stay.

A free local SIM card which will allow you direct communication with your travel-expert will be made available to you for the entirety of your stay.

8.2- Insurance

We highly recommend to subscribe an assistance-repatriation insurance in case of cancellation. Our partner Chapka Insurances is a specialist of  custom travels and offers tailored formulas.

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd cannot be held responsible of any financial loss or any expense linked to physical injuries or other (theft, loss,…). The same applies for fines, penalties, damages, acts of war, terrorism or sabotage.

8.3- Prestations

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd performs reservations in your name and conclude pertinent contracts between the client and service providers such as hotels or other types of housing, restaurants, sites, activities or other services linked to the stay. Consequently, Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd is not responsible of those services and is unable to provide guarantees of any form of representation regarding their norm. All reservations are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of responsibility imposed by the service providers.

9 – Reclamations

Any reclamation concerning your travel in Sri Lanka must be addressed by registered letter with receipt confirmation.

Any reclamation must be addressed to : Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd – 337 Siripathi Road – Kaluwamodara-Aluthgama, Sri Lanka ; by registered letter with justificatory elements in a delay of 20 days maximum after your return from the trip.

In case of  disagreement, Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd privileges an amicable solution.

Aloka Sanna Pvt Ltd’s responsibility can never exceed a sum equal to the amount paid during the transaction object of dispute, whatever the form or cause of the concerned action be. In case of impossibility of an amicable agreement to settle the dispute(s), the legal competence is exclusive to the tribunals based in Sri Lanka.