ALOKA SANNA is a local travel agency based in Sri Lanka near Bentota, with administrative services in France in Alsace. We offer you a double competence by our travel expertise in Sri Lanka and our logistics services that secures your trip.

We are a team of specialists at your service! What drives us is that you enjoy fully your trip in Sri Lanka. We are here to guide you in order to be in total harmony with the Sri Lanka. You are at the center of our approach. We build customized itineraries based on your aspirations and feelings.

We speak different languages : French, English and German. We are passionate about sharing our passion and expertise.


I am born and I’m living in this beautiful country. I’m really sensitive by the environment. Here the nature is giving you everything and we need to respect it. Medicinal plants, flowers, grass, roots, fruits, and vegetables are benefits for the body. Massages and Ayurvedic are a big part of our medicinal tradition and will give you wellness and relaxation for the body and the spirit.

I’m really happy to share my traditions and my spirituality in Sri Lanka for your wellness.


Sri Lanka was a revelation for me. The warmth of welcome and the kindness of the people touched me. The colours, scents, aromas, everything takes another dimension. My experience link with the others allowed me to develop my sense of listening. Listening is essential for me to determine your real desires because the organization ensuing the key of your serenity.

I have the heart to make you discover this amazing island which is able to marvel and enchant you.


I am always bewitched by the wildlife, flora and amazing landscapes. I would like to share with you the authentic and unusual places. To take you on a getaway in boat to discover the mangrove swamp or go picking some tea in a tea plantation. What’s drive me is giving you my time to meet and exchange about this country because I want you to live rich and essential moments.

If my country leaves a trace in you, you will see it the same way I see it and this is my biggest wish!


We are in love, in love with this paradise island whose old name Ceylon evokes a dream.

Travelling with us is to share our passion with you. We put our deep knowledge of the country at your service. You can discover the essential places and can find authentic and preserved sites, typical restaurants and amazing beaches. We will show you charming small hotels and unsuspected guest houses. You will live unique experiences!

Tell us who you are. Share with us your desire and we will create a route that resembles you!

We make your dreams come true!

Envy of azure and beautiful beaches in Bentota or need to stroll in Galle? Feel like a show in Kandy or rafting in Kitugala? You prefer a charming hotel near the beach in Trincomalee or an ecolodge inside the amazing landscapes in Ella?

Share your expectations with us and we will offer that which suits you the best!

You are free. Free to take your time if you want, we will adapt your circuit at your rhythm.

All of your stays are 100% private.

We are offering you travels at any time with the dates of your choice. You don’t have to adapt your center of interest to the others. You are free of your desires.

In family, in couple, by yourself or with friends, you can decide of what you want: you can shape your trip depending on your wishes.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.

We are always at your disposal. Before your trip, we advise you on the preparations. During the trip, we are watchful of your needs every day, be it more free time, extensions, unusual places.. We carry out a rigorous selection of all benefits and we’re in constant control.

At the end of your stay, you can rate the quality with a satisfaction questionnaire.

The respect of the culture and the environment is essential for us.

Sri Lanka pays particular attention to the environment. It’s a true sanctuary for the wild world. Great cultural wealth is waiting for you there.

We propose experiences that respect the culture and every living being in Sri Lanka.

Your itinerary will be made in the spirit of cultural heritage, traditional expertise and environment.

We are a local travel agency; you will be able to fully enjoy your stay with serenity.

We can also accompany you with French, English or German speaking guides if you want.

To travel in peace,

ALOKA SANNA is a local travel agency based in Sri Lanka near Bentota, with administrative services in France. We offer you a double competence by our travel expertise in Sri Lanka and administrative services which secure your trip.

We select our partners with the utmost vigilance and we permanently verify them.

Furthermore, the payment is made in France and secured by the Credit Mutuel bank.

In order to guarantee you more safety, we can offer you to subscribe a travel insurance in order to protect you by cancellation cases or repatriation. In partnership with Chapka insurance, insurance specialist for customized travel.

Are you a direct speaker who doesn’t want any intermediary?

No impersonal platform that doesn’t know you and takes supplementary commissions.

From the first contact, you will be heard, and followed from the beginning to the end of your trip in Sri Lanka.

We have at heart to make of you an acquaintance, to discover who you are and what you want.

The advantage is that we perfectly know your project. We bring you more flexibility in a friendly spirit.

We will contact you during the 48 hours following your request.

You will be welcomed of your arrival on the spot. During your loop, you will benefit from the assistance of your francophone expert 7days/7d and 24hours/24h.

We offer a free local sim card.

Every day, a private air-conditioned car with a private driver will be at your disposal during the entirety of your stay.

And we do our utmost to ensure that your journey takes place in the best conditions possible.

Our commitments


The respect of nature, animals and humans is of capital importance to us.

We are committed to an environmental and spiritual ecology.


Sri Lanka is a paradise of biodiversity. It offers a luxurious tropical vegetation, mountains, rivers, beaches of dreams. Nature gives all the best it has to offer : Plants, spices, flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables… The nation’s immense natural reserves shelter a multitude of different animals. Elephants, of course, leopards, crocodiles, numerous species of birds populate the island and a multitude of fishes cruise the waves far from shore.

This splendid environment must be preserved. Sri Lanka takes action for that to happen. For example, it’s the first country to have registered the entirety of its mangroves after having tragically realized the importance of its multiple virtues as a buffer zone between the ocean and the land.

Our commitments

As for us, we have decided not to offer activities pertaining to the observation of whales and dolphins in particular at Mirissa or Kalpitiya. Indeed, motor boats charged with many touristic groups track whales and dolphins. That which should have been a moment of tranquil observation becomes nothing else but picture hunting. Whales and dolphins are very sensible and flee far from shore where they can be caught in the cargo boat’s propellers.

In the same way, we have decided not to caution certain practices of the Pinnawala park. We privilege the respect of animals and all living beings. As a consequence, we don’t offer visits to this park. To allow you to see the elephants, we prefer to propose the Millenium and the Udawalawe park.

The sea turtle is our favourite. She’s our symbol, our spirit animal, you may say.
We support all actions leading to its protection.

Of course, things aren’t set in stone. Things don’t stop moving. Your observations guide our actions. So that life here in Sri Lanka be always synonymous with Liberty and Respect.
We would also like to preserve spiritual ecology. Which means favouring the conditions of your well-being before, during and after your trip. You can count on us to accompany you in the preparations. We are at your service during the entirety of your trip in order to ensure your total serenity. At your return, we make sure that you’re satisfied so that your most beautiful memories stay with you for a long time !

Additional services

We guarantee you total security of your payment; Credit Mutuel in France runs our system. This system allows you to save the high international transfer fees. Your transaction is totally confidential and with integrity at no extra charge.

For your serenity we have selected Chapka insurance specialized in tailor-made travel. They offer one of the best covers for CB cards, visas and other. For more information link.

Your contract must be purchased at the time of the purchase of your stay or at the most 48 hours after the purchase of your stay.

Nationals of the European Union, Switzerland and Canada must apply in advance for a travel authorization: ETA. This Electronic Travel Authorization is available online at (link). It is compulsory and costs 35USD.

Enter the passport number on the photo page. Do not enter the number on the first page when you open your passport because it contains one more letter.

Once your ETA application has been processed by the Sri Lankan authorities, you will receive ETA confirmation by e-mail within approximately 72 hours. The registration is done on your passport number, it is only necessary to pass the customs when arriving.

The ETA is valid for 30 days, and you must have a return ticket on you.

We can also register your ETA if you want.

Many airlines serve Sri Lanka, among them we can mention Emitates, Qatar Airways, Etihad, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Turkish Airlines.

You will find the best prices for flights to Colombo Sri Lanka directly on the web.

As examples, you can go to flight comparison sites such as Kayak, Skyscanner or Jetcost.

To find the best rates, we advise you to compare the rates over an extended period. It seems that the best days to buy your plane tickets are on Tuesdays and Thursdays avoiding weekends. Because prices are often inflated due to higher demand.

All our stays are 100% private. You will be welcomed as soon as you arrive on site.

Every day you can enjoy a private, air-conditioned car with a chauffeur at your disposal for the duration of your stay.

And also a guide who will speak your language during the stay.

We make every effort to ensure that your trip takes place in the best conditions.

You benefit from the assistance of your French-speaking travel expert 7 days a week and 24 hours a day throughout the stay.

We provide you a local Sim card and a telephone that allows you to be in constant contact with our staff.