When to go to Sri Lanka?
Quand partir au Sri Lanka

In fact, the weather is always good somewhere in Sri Lanka all year round. You can discover the country at any time of the year!

In Sri Lanka, there are two seasons: Maha is the small northeast monsoon from December to March and Yala is the southwest monsoon from May to the end of August. The dry season is pleasant from December to April on the west and south coasts and from May to September on the east coast.

This is the theory because as everywhere in the world the climate is no longer predictable and it responds to the same disruption as everywhere else. For example, the small monsoon has not been happening for years. The climate can be surprising. This is part of the circumstances and elements that we cannot control.

It never rains all day long. On monsoon days, heavy rains fall regularly followed by a very beautiful sunshine. This contrasting climate prevails in alternative mode. Thunderstorms give way to beautiful sunny days.

The truth is, the monsoon is not a disaster. It allows rice, tea and many other staple foods to be grown in Sri Lankan cuisine. And then, the sun and rain work together to give the island landscapes of exceptional beauty and vegetation with infinite shades of green!

What is certain is that Sri Lanka benefits from a tropical maritime climate. It is hot with an average temperature of 27° on the coast which can descend especially at night in high altitude areas such as Nuwara Eliya, the coolest city in the country. The marine currents are strong and the water temperature is also around 27°.

Tourists are a little less numerous in May and June and it is also a period when airline tickets are more advantageous…


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