Festivals in Bhutan
festival bhoutan

Festivals are very important events in Bhutan. They celebrate the Buddhist religion and highlight the life of gurus or historical events that happened in the country. They take place in temples, monasteries and dzongs (traditional bhutanese fortresses). The most famous festival is the Tshechu festival. It lasts between 3 to 5 days and is unique to each town and village. During these days, men dance in colorful outfits and masks to represent the life of the buddhist guru Rinpoche. 

On the last day of the festival, a colorful silk tapestry representing symbols of buddhism is unveiled. It is said that seeing the tapestry can free people from their sins.  The tapestry is called a thongdrel. The Tshechu festivals are also an opportunity to share Bhutan’s most famous  meals, Ema Datshi and Momos.

It is the perfect opportunity to discover Bhutan during festival seasons since it highlights perfectly the diversity of the beautiful country.


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