Festivals are very important events in Bhutan. They celebrate the Buddhist religion and highlight the life of gurus or historical events that happened in the country. They take place in temples, monasteries and dzongs (traditional bhutanese fortresses). The most famous festival is the Tshechu festival. It lasts between 3 to 5 days and is unique

Bhutan is famous all around the world for its exceptional  biodiversity. The natural spaces are unspoilt and preserved from the harmful effects of global warming. Despite a fews species being endangered because of poaching, animals are free to live as they wish on the land.  Because of how diversified the landscape is, you won’t find

Find out here what the climate in Bhutan is like in different months of the year and when is the best time to visit. January During the month of January, the temperatures range from -2,6°C to 13,3°C. It’s the coldest month of the year. On a daily basis the mean temperature is 12,3°C. February During

The most surprising phenomenon taking place in the Maldives is most certainly the bioluminescent phytoplankton. The microorganism is responsible for lighting the beach of some islands with tiny blue fluorescent lights. When stimulated or stressed by the movements of waves, a chemical reaction happens and gives the plankton this surreal color. This is a particularly

The crystal-clear water of the Maldives isn’t only a wonder to look at. The archipelago is the best place to try nautical sports and activities. Whether you do sport once a year or every week there will be something to accommodate any need. If you’d rather stay on the water instead of in and you

Dry season in the Maldives The best way to discover the archipelago and try as much as things like sports is during the dry season. From December to March, with dry air and very little rain, the temperatures range from 25°C to 31°C. There is no risk of a heat wave during your stay. The

Ceylon, now Sri Lanka "shining island" is like a pearl in the ear of Asia... An enchanted island as Marco Polo described it: "The most beautiful island in the world" Ceylon is a thousand-year-old culture and the splendour of its sites, eight of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ceylon is a paradise
With its hundreds of white sandy beaches and abundant natural wealth. Sri Lanka is one of Asia's ultimate tropical paradises. Today, you can enjoy its variety of landscapes, its cultural diversity as well as the remains of its thousand-year-old history and rich in foreign influences. Sri-Lanka is the Asian country to visit absolutely. "Ceylon" became
The smile "Ayubowan" is the traditional Sinhalese greeting meaning "May you live long", with the palms joined and a slight head bending. "Ayubowan" is a gentle gesture of welcome and respect in Sri Lanka. It is likely that you will be welcomed in this way, wherever you travel throughout the island. Sri Lankans cultivate a