In Sri Lanka and Bhutan, beauty awakens all your senses.

You contemplate, you touch, you listen, you feel, you taste!

Here and now, you become aware.

Awareness of stones, flowers, fruits, plants, herbs… Of all nature that lovingly gives you its purest benefits.

Consciousness of the people who share with you their smiles and their joy of living with authenticity.

Awareness of encounters and exchanges filled with humanity.

Through “Hand-made”, we value the human being.

Enhance the value of manual work. The time spent making things up. The intention that the person transmits in the object he realizes, his desire, his love of beautiful things, his desire to share…

Nimali makes handmade bags for Aloka Sanna. She takes care and attention to every detail. Each of his bags is composed of his patience, his practicality, his taste for the beauty of things and his smile.

Each bag is unique and carries within it all the kindness of Nimali!

Through “Handmade”, we also want to celebrate nature.

To prevent millions of plastic bottles from being thrown away every year around the world, Aloka Sanna proposes replacing liquid shampoo with a solid shampoo.

Cathy makes the solid shampoo by hand for Aloka Sanna specifically in Sri Lanka.

The country’s essential oils give hair strength, nourish it and make it soft and silky.

Handmade, it is simply our pleasure to give back to nature and people.