Fauna and flora
faune et flor bhoutan

Bhutan is famous all around the world for its exceptional  biodiversity. The natural spaces are unspoilt and preserved from the harmful effects of global warming.

Despite a fews species being endangered because of poaching, animals are free to live as they wish on the land.  Because of how diversified the landscape is, you won’t find the same animals everywhere. Some like snow leopards and red pandas live in the snowy mountains tops.

The emblematic animal of Bhutan is the tankin. They also live high in the mountains of the Himalaya and India. They share their grazing areas with goats, yaks and musk deers.

animal bhoutan

Tropical forest harbor species like tigers, elephants, buffalos, monkeys and even one-horned rhinoceros. 

In the most temperate areas of the countries like the green plains, you will find smaller mammals, a very large variety of birds and even the black bear of the Himalaya.

Regarding the bhutanese flora, you won’t be disappointed ! With over 46 varieties of rhododendrons,  369 varieties of orchids, magnolias, giant rhubarb and edelweisses, there is a lot to see. Forests are made of pines and oaks. With such diversity in plants, the Bhutanese have identified over 300 medicinal plants. 


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